About Us 

About Us This website is an information and education site on the topic of thrombosed external hemorrhoids. The main page is an overview of what they are, their symptoms, and some natural cures (which can be done at home) and preventative measures. 
I have included additional pages to educate the reader on related topics, where I go into a little more detail. The related topics that I address are: Problems with external hemorrhoid surgery (risks), Thrombosed hemorrhoid bleeding, How do you get thrombosed hemorrhoids and What are the external hemorrhoid symptoms?, and How To Treat Thrombosed Hemorrhoids At Home - Retracting External Hemorrhoids (this page include 6 critical tips).
Since I am a believer in natural cures and remedies, all of these topics are viewed from the perspective of natural healing methods. Natural cures have proven themselves over time to be less expensive and more affective (with fewer dangerous side effects).
Please check back often as I keep this regularly updated, plus the main page includes an updated monthly health tip. I hope that you find the information contained within the pages of this site to be educational and useful.